Step Six: Create Coach Accounts and Groups

Admin coaches are able to create coach accounts for their team, add groups within their organization, and manage group and organization settings. Let's take a look at how to do all of this by following each of the links below:

  1. Create a New Coach Account (See notes below for coach account role definitions)
  2. Create a New Group
  3. Manage Group and Organization Settings
  4. Create Identification Systems

Coach Account Role Definitions:

  • Group Admin: Responsible for upkeep of information about the group, as well as editing participants in the event of a coach leaving or being hired. Can create new groups.
  • Reporting: Access to results dashboard, affording a high level look at the efficacy of organizational processes as well as clinical outcomes.
  • Roles Admin: Assigns varying levels of coaching and admin access via the roles selection.
  • Coach Admin: Activates and deactivates Twine coach (and other user) accounts. Reassigns coaches' panels of patients in accordance with changes internally (coach leaves, is hired, etc.).
  • Integrations Admin: Point person for integrations as needed (e.g. DoseSpot, Hint integration).
  • Importable Files Uploader: Able to upload patient import files and see previous uploads, but is not able to complete uploads.
  • Importable Files Admin: Able to upload patient import files and see previous uploads, and is responsible for completing and/or deleting uploads.

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