How do I find data integrated from an EHR?

To find integrated data from an Electronic Health/Medical Record (EHR/EMR):

  1. Go to the History tab. Select "Custom" in the Health Action Plan Drop down:

  2. If the a health action exists, the data gets added into the corresponding health action already part of the "Active" data list:

  3. If the health action does not yet exist in a plan, Twine won't assume one. Instead, it will move the data into a new Health Action in the "Not Active" data list:

  4. From here, you can stack data from any Health Action regardless of its Active/Not Active status together into one visualization. In the image below, we see that blood sugar (Active data in the example above) and blood pressure (Not Active data in the example above) are viewed together:

  5. You can determine if the data is patient entered, or, integrated from an EHR by switching from view (top right of History tab): to edit:
  6. When you click a data point of interest, you will see if a patient or coach entered it by clicking "Additional Information" and viewing the name listed next to "Created By":

  7. If the data was integrated from an EHR, there will be no "Created by", since the data was automatically sent to Twine. You will only see "Created At" as shown in this image:


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